About Myrna

My interest in piano began as a child when I watched my brother's flying fingers master the opening of George Gershwin's" Rhapsody in Blue."  I begged my parents to allow me to take piano lessons as well, and eventually I got my wish.   I had tough, but nurturing teachers whose standards were high. They prepared me well for some challenging years at Eastman School of Music, Rochester, N.Y. 

Skip ahead many years....after graduating from Eastman, after completing my Master's degree at Columbia University, after teaching both English and Music in the Middle East for five years (Pakistan, Iran, Israel)....I established a piano studio in Orlando, Florida. We remained in Orlando for 20 years, watching our citrus trees grow from babies to a small fruit orchard. We watched our children and my piano business grow and mature as well. 

These days we live in Roswell, Georgia, and I am still keen on piano teaching. Although this is my final year teaching children (2017)l am eagerly anticipating transitioning to an all adult studio and looking forward to the unique challenges that adults will offer. 

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