My husband and I are both professionally-trained musicians with degrees in performance and musicology.  We have always felt that piano instruction was essential to laying the foundation for a love of music, and as such, we knew it was absolutely paramount we find a piano teacher who could both encourage our children's enjoyment of music AND help them achieve a high standard of understanding and performance.  We interviewed nearly 40 different teachers before we found Ms. Myrna.  And we are so grateful we  found her! Not only is she an excellent pianist herself, she also has a love for teaching.  She enjoys working with her students, and we have truly appreciated her efforts to individualize instruction to the needs and interests of each of our children.  There is a fine line between pressuring too much and pushing just enough, and Ms. Myrna seems to find it.  Her sense of humor, patience, and interest in each of her students comes first, but it's supported by high standards and long-term goals.  She provides plenty of opportunities for the students to perform and learn the art of piano playing, but she also provides instruction in music theory, technical proficiency and ear training.  It's a perfect package!  We are so glad we have had the opportunity to work with her, and we look forward to many more years in her studio.  Thank you, Ms. Myrna! 

Blake and Susannah MacKay of Marietta, GA

Can provide references upon request